Umfassende Information Counterpain warm, cool + Plus, Wirkung, Inhaltsstoffe und gute Alternativen bei Schmerzen.

Why Counterpain?

Warum Counterpain?

The best cream for muscle strains and contusions?


Anyone who regularly drives sports knows the problem: occasionally demanding training cause mild strains, contusions to the training are almost in the martial arts as muscle soreness may occur already when it has not practiced a few weeks due to the fact of disease. Remedy vouch miscellaneous creams and ointments of various manufacturers in addition in various price ranges for different fields of application, but what is really usable and what cream helps to relieve what aches and pains? As a beginner, it is simply overwhelmed; already when selecting the right ointment Each manufacturer is logically convinced that his work is the only real treatment, and that they could renounce on all other ointments without hesitation,


Mentioned as to beginning although many Super ointment on the other hand, there is last but not least there's also a special ointment for each lesion so special. To clarify to what extent these are truly useful and what ointment is what can be used in this article. Since the unglaubiche variety of SALVES on the market is virtually unmanageable, a rough classification of the relevant sports ointments successes now should at this point.

1. medical pain ointment with pain-effective medicinal components.

This species of ointments are available only in pharmacies, because your ingredients are obtainable. The fuegen representatives of this genus the Voltaren pain ointment is among other things the Counterpain pain s probably cool, hot, and plus. This same SALVES are a pain reliever, so this can anoint an Analgetikum.Sie directly to submit purchase without a prescription; Here Counterpain buy

2. medical ointments to resolve the cause of the pain

Such ointments are intended to resolve injuries to beseiigen thus the cause of the pain. Ointments with the Wirkstaff serve as a prime example here heparin, which inhibits coagulation of the blood and so may contribute to that painful haematoma or bruises heal faster. These ointments bring also a pain in addition include an anti-inflammatory substance.

3. cool SALVES

. These ointments serve to heat to the muscles through the skin. This has boxes, etc., or Counterpain especially after the sport established such as Liniments with Counterpain cool after the spurt, jog, jogging, Thai, hot against muscle soreness. Every man for himself must choose whether you feel this therapy as pleasant.

4. warm ointments

This kind of ointments also heats the skin underlying muscle tissue. Capsaicin is often used as the active ingredient, that is the stuff that makes Chillis Scharf. The result of the heat to fix mainly muscle tension and ensure a better circulation. Last but not least, the use of this ointment is personal taste thing, because the serving as example Counterpain ointment warm can develop very strong heat on the skin.


The action depends on the type of paste. An ointment with medically effective ingredients will apply rubbing through this spread on the skin. The active ingredient of particles are here so small that they can get through the skin. There the drug concentration in the normal case where skin is less important than the ointment, promoted the active ingredient by osmotic pressure in the skin. Warming or cooling ointment unfold your effect, however, on the skin, either by reaction with the skin in warm ointments or by reaction with the air so evaporative cooling with cooling ointment.

What OINTMENT is suitable for athlete?

Basically all these ointments for athletes and sports injuries Act, although always the individual case into account must be removed and a relistische assessment must be carried out I looked only slightly the ankle sprain and the result is I can achieve no swelling already good results with a little cooling ointment, however I can check itself competent in the rarest cases how hard is my injury, when a broken leg, a cooling ointment can be soothing, a visit to the doctor remains nevertheless essential. Same applies to ointments with medically effective ingredients; Often they are rushed and haphazardly applied. One should keep in mind that here is a medical product which incorrectly applied rather like harm than benefit, so the entahltene in Voltaren active ingredient diclofenac can cause for example gastric and intestinal disorders, dizziness, and fatigue. Ointments containing the anti-clotting drug heparin can result in an overdose to an increased tendency to bleed.

What ointment at what time?

The bad luck rule should be used after an injury such as a distortion, bruise or sprain, it includes four points: 1.Pause 2.Eis 3.Compression 4.Hochlegen as is already visible on the basis of this ranking should an acute injury be immediately cooled and set high to prevent swelling and reduce the risk of inflammation. In this stage of the damage especially suitable cooling ointment are for example Counterpain cool or a cooling gel from the pharmacy. In the first 48 hours after an acute injury blood circulation should do so as far their effect be inhibited by cold, also cooling compresses or ice packs as possible in this place. After two - three days can then be converted to stimulate blood circulation and warming ointment, also horse ointment can now perform good services with their blood circulation-promoting agents. At that time, even ointments containing heparin can be applied. This should be done best in close consultation with the physician. In addition to other problems such as muscle tension, stimulate blood circulation and warming ointment may help immediately. The heat dilates the vessels and thus ensures a better circulation of the muscles, so they will be relaxed. For example, after a ride in the car with the window open the neck can be quickly stiff one, warm ointments help here. But it is even better to let such a tension in the first place not at all, not for nothing have to protect a convertible driver from tension in the summer scarf around her neck.

Advantages and disadvantages of the various ointments.

1.Voltaren pain gel: Voltaren pain relief gel contains active ingredient diclofenac, these significant when overdose side effects can result, the analgesic effect can be considered quite good. This cream is very efficient for strong tension, should be applied but sparingly and as a precaution as any drug. 120 grams Voltaren cost between fifteen and twenty Euro 2. over-the-counter pain cool: well-known for cooling and does also good services, Counterpain cool (blue) is good for sore muscles, but not for acute injuries such as sprains and bruises, because it contains blood circulation-promoting agents. Already from 3.99 Euro Counterpain cool ordering. 3. Counter pain heat ointment: the warming effect, promotes blood circulation and thus ensures a relaxation of tense muscles. However, it is to note that the effect is very strong and can be sometimes schmerthaft. Heat ointments therefore always only very sparingly, usually takes it slightly until the warming effect unfolds. After massaging the warming ointment must wash hands thoroughly, best times, and touch no mucous membranes! Warming ointment in the eye or nose may cause painful burning and irritates the mucous membranes. Also the normal skin can be strongly tempted by too generous application and it can also develop a painful burning sensation. 50 grams Finalgon cost between five and ten euros.


There are many creams for many applications, it is essential that you know what kind of therapy is required. for low tension often really a hot bath or a hot shower can work wonders, even a body massage here is good to loosen up the muscles. Acute injuries I also the bag full of ice if just any cream at hand is. in any case bring ointments but useful effect if they are used correctly and in no way overdosed. An expert opinion is irreplaceable, if you are not really sure how an injury must be handled and what means are appropriate, you should be better doctors to Council questions. Ask your doctor or pharmacist, not only to risks and side effects, but also kind of application and the correct Dosiereung, then nothing is the way a fast healing and is soon able to exercise his beloved sport. Of course you should make sure to start after an illness-related interruption again carefully, because just therefore it is easily a sports injury and then also very seriously is the sore muscles