Umfassende Information Counterpain warm, cool + Plus, Wirkung, Inhaltsstoffe und gute Alternativen bei Schmerzen.



So I did Yes never thought that such a balm like counterpain can help really so good. If you have for example a position at the back that hurts one: apply 1-2 times and then it's gone again. ' Highly recommended * thumbs up *.


The white Counterpain cool, red is warming the muscles. This has too much menthol. I use the sports stories that can be treated by cooling effects beneficial. The composition is slightly different than the red, here still an oil is in it, otherwise all right
except for the amounts of each. Super, high price but top product


das ist eine super Salbe, die hilft sehr gut, man braucht keine Schmerz-Tabletten  mehr schlucken. ich bin sehr zufrieden und kaufe es wieder. 


The ointments Yes forever there, 15 years, is but until today continue to be good. Not only good, but for me the best product in the category of cream for muscle pain. I've even tried the much sought-after new products that exist on the market, over the years. But the Counterpain is hard to beat for me.
Applied to the skin it is warm after a short cooling effect.


My friend ordered the balm for the sport and uses it regularly. He is 2-5 x a week to run 10-15 KM and has tight muscles in the legs and back. After application of the ointment after 15 minutes, everything again is in the informal sector. Way to go